Aim of my blog

The aim of my blog is to help new designers The aim of my blog is basically to help out new designers entering into the market. I understand that the cost of modern web design can be a little expensive and daunting to someone new in the … [Read more]

Adding a favicon

Adding a favicon to your blog, cms or shop Adding a favicon to your site is a relatively simple task. First you need to create a Favicon. A Favicon is generally a 16 pixel by 16 pixel gif image. The favicon is saved in the .ico format which is a … [Read more]

How can I protect my blog

How can I protect my blog? This seems to be a very common question I seem to be getting asked a lot. Customers ask me and I seem to be asked this question quite often in my comments.Right, these are my 6 main plugins that I add to any Wordpress … [Read more]

Ripped off with WordPress?

Have you been ripped off with a WordPress installation? Here's a question for you, have you been ripped off with WordPress? More to the point how would you know you have been ripped off?If your having a basic WordPress install done, there's a … [Read more]

Youtube video embed

Youtube video embed how to..Open a new article in the admin article manager. Give it your title and have the youtube video embed code from Youtube or another video sharing site. The way I normally insert a video is as follows, firstly I write all … [Read more]

Planning your website

Planning Considerations Your Website Will Never Be 'Finished' Avoid thinking about your website as something that will never be finished, rather you need to think of how easily and cost effectively your website will evolve over time. You may need … [Read more]